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Lisa Lu Han, MD, PT, CA, FAAPMR

Lisa Lu Han, MD, PT, CA, FAAPMR

Founder of the Jersey Rehabilitation Medical Clinic in September 2003, Dr. Lisa Lu Han pursued a dream of creating the most effective treatment center for the management of pain and disability.

Dr. Han appreciates the immeasurable value of physical well being in all facets of life. More importantly, she recongnizes that maintaining good physical health will ultimately render psychological well beijng.

As anvid promoter of self-healing techniques, Dr. Han believes that when the patient himself takes an active part in the therapeutic process, the healing will occur at double the speed of typical treatments. Using a combination of both Eastern and Western medicine, she provides the optimum spectrum of healing processes. The end result is often one filled with joy.

Dr. Lisa Lu Han attended medical school at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has practiced acupuncture in America since 1990.

Dr. Han received her B.S. of physical therapy in 1995 and has practiced as a physical therapist in New York and New Jersey.

Dr. Han then completed her residency-training program in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Cornell Weil Medical Center in 2002. She is now a board certified Physiatrist.

Continuing to express her desire to provide the highest quality of care, she is pursuing additional sub specialization in EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies, and engaged in the treatment of spasticity via medications of Botox injections.

Currently, Dr. Han practices at her facility, the Jersey Rehabilitation Medical Clinic.

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